Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF) Events in 2014

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF) Events in 2014

1-     March 22-23, 2014: A workshop in which 14 Muslim students from York  & Ryerson Universities were trained to respond Islamists’s anti-semitic propaganda in Campuses.

2-     April 12, 2014: CTF Presentation regarding growing Islamic Radicalization to York Police Officers.

3-     May 1, 2014: IrshadManji’s lecture how to combat Islamism and introduce reforms in Islam through exercising Ijtihad.

4-     May 11, 2014: Prof. Salim Mansur’s lecture on ‘Muslims and the culture of Denial’.

5-     May 23, 2014, CTF arranged a protest outside North York Islamic Centre against Toronto’s most anti-Israel Mullah Zafar Banghash upon inviting Pakistani British Lord Nazir who speaks against India and Israel particularly.

6-     June 2, 2014, Co-sponsored an event called ‘What it means to be Pro-Israel’ with Toronto’s ‘Speakers Action Group’.

7-     June 8, 2014 – Participated in Friends’ of Wiesenthal Simon Center of Holocaust Studies’ conference on issues of Antisemtism in Canada.

8-      July 10-August 10, 2014, CTF arranged three Urdu language Toronto based TV talk shows in which Israel’s position was supported in the war imposed by Hamas on Israel.

9-     September 21, 2014, CTF participated equally with another organization in order to launch a rally against ISIS.

10-  October 19, 2014, Kamran Bokhari’s lecture on ‘Political Islam in the age of Democratization’

11-  October 26, 2014, CTF Protest against ISIS Jihadi Recruitment in Canada in denunciation of Ottawa and Montreal terror attacks.

12-  Nov 22, 2014, CTF participated equally in a conference titled ‘Canadian’s strategy against ISIS Ideology and Jihadi Recruitment in Canada’ in which Jewish, Christian, Yezidis, Kurdish, Shia, Ahmaddi, Sunni and secular Muslim scholars delivered their strategic remarks. The conference was chaired by Canada’ Minister Jason Kenney.

13-  CTF 2014 report regarding growing Islamic radicalization report is underway.

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