About Us

Canadian Thinking Forum (CTF) is a non-profit organization formed by a progressive Canadian Muslim writer, journalist and Thinker, TahirAslam Gora.

This forum aims to address the challenges of Muslim Segregation, Radicalization and Ghettos in Canadian society.

CTFappreciates to work with like-minded Thinking Forums, Think Tanks, Activist groups and personals, political parties and intelligentsia in order to avoid all those complexities what we see in Europe, for instance, in terms of alienation of Muslim youths from the society.

As Canadians we are proud of being a model of very tolerant and diverse society. But we should also present a model of solutions of those problems that are by product of such diversity.

CTF aims to work at (precisely):

  • Study of growing Islamic radicalization in Canada.
  • Introduce measures to deradicalization of Muslim Youths in Canada
  • Introduce measures to curb Anti-Semitism within Canadian Muslim Diaspora particularly.
  • Study in regard with complexities of Multiculturalism in Canada.
  • Study of dilemmas of ideologies (right and left) in our rational age.
  • Inter-community and Inter-faith interactions.
  • Helping Canadian Policy Makers, political parties & media to understand complexities of diversity and offer the solutions for those complexities